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A New Four Year Cycle

February 2017 Update

So…the dream is still alive. After playing so well in Rio, and following some positive performance review meetings, it wasn't difficult for the guys to help pick me back up and encourage me towards Tokyo. I didn't really know what to do but my decision was pretty easily made following assurances that I will be fully supported for the immediate future in carrying on training full-time; being in such a position is an absolute privilege as I know how difficult a time it can be, even for some who have won lots of medals, and it goes without saying that I am always thankful to everyone who has helped get me here over the years. The new season is fast approaching and it will be very important to do well in order to safeguard and consolidate my position…


Back from Brazil

Since getting back from Brazil, I've had a good rest at home and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. My brother has got married and is currently back from China for a few weeks with his pregnant wife, so I've been eating far too much recently – especially over Christmas. We still haven't managed to go away on holiday anywhere yet but me and Claudia are off to Riga this weekend for a short break before the pre-season really kicks in!

First Tournament of 2017

I somehow managed to stay injury-free for the majority of last season but it seems that clean slate is ruined before this one has even begun so I'm really struggling to regain my fitness at the moment. Me, Will and Martin are over to Slovakia after next week before going back up to Sheffield so I'm hopeful that I'll be ready in time for our first tournament in Italy in March. The Rio cycle nearly physically destroyed me but, although I may not be as mobile as I once was, I got so close and I still think I'm getting better and better and better:) It is the World Team Championships in Bratislava and then the Europeans in Slovenia (our second home) later this year so there is plenty to look forward to!

2017 Provisional Calendar

Feb: Slovakia training camp
Feb/Mar: Italian Open
Mar/Apr: National Championships
May: Slovenian training camp
  Slovenian Open
  Slovakia training camp
  World Team Championships – Slovakia
Jun: German Open
Jul: International camp
Aug: Slovenia training camp
Sep: European Championships – Slovenia

--- Dave February 2017