Your Work-From-Home Uniform Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s officially passed the one year anniversary from working from home, and if there’s anything noteworthy to take from our couch-ridden endeavors, it’s that our legs haven’t seen a pair of jeans in 365 days.

Whether or not you’re looking forward to (hopefully) going back to the office sometime in the near future, most of us are looking at new schedules that still involve a lot of time from home (if not all of it). And a year in, we know that time spent working from home is well spent if we’re doing it in cute sweats.

If you’re someone who wants to put on an actual work outfit for your work-from-home days, we salute you; but if you’re someone who wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in your house in any pair of pants that have a zipper, these looks are for you. To make the task of getting dressed even easier, we’ve styled full, couch-appropriate looks tailored to your zodiac sign. Sure, we miss our workwear, but these cute joggers, bright sweatshirts, and fun blue-light glasses are going to get us through until the day we can finally wear it again.


Aries aren’t afraid to stand out, which means that being stuck inside isn’t going to stop them from rocking one of this season’s most daring color trends: yellow. Incorporate it into a bold loungewear look and bask in the glory of knowing that you don’t need to be seeing other humans to be dressed in style. 

shorts / crewneck / bralette / mug / blue light glasses




Tauruses enjoy the finer things in life, which makes a luxe matching set exactly what the doctor ordered for their time spent inside. 

top / pants / scrunchie / slippers / mug




Gemini’s easy-going tendencies make this year’s chill tie-dye trend the perfect match for them. This cozy matching set is begging to be turned into a wear-on-repeat staple.

pants / tee / mug / slippers / blue light glasses



Ah, cancers—the homebodies of the signs. A matching sweat set in this sweet, dusty rose hue can bring even more joy to the crab sign’s work-from-home days—something they’re probably already thriving on. 

shorts / sweatshirt / mug / blue light glasses / slippers




Leos are poised and confident, which means rocking a bra-and-cardigan combo is right up their alley. Paired with some super-soft joggers and a cheeky mug, being stuck at home doesn’t make them any less chic.

cardigan / bra / joggers / mug / slippers / blue light glasses




Notoriously un-fussy, Virgos thrive in minimalist but put-together looks that allow them to work comfortably throughout the day without feeling like a slob. 

sweatshirt / shorts / mug / slippers / scrunchie




Refined and elegant, Libras wouldn’t be caught dead wearing what they wore to sleep all day. A seamless matching set topped off with Skim’s famous velour hoodie fits their bill seamlessly. Old raggedy sweatshirt who?

tank / leggings / slippers / zip-up / mug



Scorpios need at-home outfits that can take them from the couch to a video conference to an after-work online HIIT class with no hesitation. Enter: a fool-proof all-black look.

bike shorts / sweatshirt / scrunchie / slippers



The show-stopping Sag is anything but basic, and on-trend colors and prints appeal to them whether it’s in their workwear or work-from-home wear. Leave it to a Sagittarius to pull off a pair of statement slippers. 

tee / shorts / blue light glasses / slippers / tumbler



Capricorns are likely going to be sitting and working well past their 9-5 requirements, which means coziness is key. Enter: a one-and-done, buttery-soft romper.

jumpsuit / mug / blue light glasses / slippers





Aquarians are deep thinkers who also love (and thrive on) a little bit of fun. An all-too-appropriate graphic tee in bold colors paired with leopard slippers are the perfect balance of two of their best traits.

tee / joggers / blue light glasses / tumbler / slippers



Kind and sensitive, Pisces isn’t the all-black-everything type. A unique look in muted, soft colors is perfect for keeping their concentration and happiness while working at home all day. 

shorts / sweatshirt / slides / mug / scrunchie









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